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Timeless Attachment.

Timeless Attachment.

This two-strand bracelet is made of charming wooden beads.

Gentle colors, smooth texture, and the natural warmth of wood. You can feel on your skin the warm texture only wood can provide.

Elegant, stylish, attractive, you’ll admire this bracelet beauty every time you see it on your wrist.

Internal size: approx. 15 cm - 20 cm

Please do not swim or take a shower while wearing the bracelet, as wood beads are used.

It may cause discoloration or color fading.

This item was purchased from Japan.

It is the work of my favorite artist.

The workmanship is delicate and meticulous, as only the Japanese can do.

The high quality and beauty of the finished product is mesmerizing.

  • Attention

    This is a one-of-a-kind item.

    We do not accept returns or refunds.

    Please check the size, etc. carefully.

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